Lucious purples, pinks, and complementary shades of green are the stars of the show in this scheme.  The palette includes plenty of neutrals, including black, white, and a variety of beiges and warm grays.  The result is an inviting, sophisticated palette of delicious color. 

Ah, spring.  The days are getting longer, and the first crocuses are poking through the snow.  This palette is inspired by those early days of spring--earthy, peaceful, and clean.  We’ve got neutral hues--beige, brown, and taupe--mixed with snow white, soft yellow, a pale sky blue, and petal purple.  The result is a quiet, refined color scheme that will serve as a soothing backdrop for your home.  

Brilliant blue skies.  Golden leaves. Sunshine.  Sparkling ocean waves.  Bring the warmth of a sunny day to your home with the Sunny Day Palette.  Crisp blues are combined with golden oranges and yellows to yield a vivid, fun, and refreshing palette for your entire home. 

Ruby, sapphire, topaz, emerald. Elegant, luminous hues that conjour up Old World opulence.  We’ve given these colors a fresh, modern update with neutral grays, whites, and pastels. Twelve gorgeous colors in all, with each space in your home transformed into a special jewel box. 

Red, Yellow, & Blue.  We start with these three bold, saturated primary hues and from there we play with tints and shades of each to give you 12 vibrant, beautiful, coordinating colors in all.  The palette includes plenty of neutrals to balance out the richness, resulting in a striking combination that will bring life to any space. 

For those who prefer timeless to trendy, the Soft Neutrals Palette is just the ticket. Shades of khaki, olive, limestone, and pale blue, mixed with warm grays and white offer a vibe that is both simple and luxurious.  With these polished, graceful hues, your space will be a soothing oasis of soft color.