Home Sweet Home: Style Inspiration

As I mentioned last week in the home tour, our new house is a sprawling (some might say rambling) 1960s ranch, a charmingly weird cross between mid-century modern and Spanish/mediterranean revival, with a few “storybook” details as well. She looks like she was plucked straight out of the San Fernando Valley, but also somehow like she’s always been nestled here in the New England hills.

I love so much of the original work, but I also don’t want to live in a time capsule. Some of the decor is a bit jarring on the brain (the matching wallpaper and drapes in the kitchen, for example), and some of it unfortunately can’t be saved (the linen wallpaper in the guest room). So my goal is to bring in some new pieces that celebrate our style and tastes, and the fact that it’s 2018, while also respecting much of what’s there already.

Since the house has an eclectic style with lots of room to play with color, patterns, and texture. It’s going to be fun! I’ve been busy perusing Instagram, Pinterest, and various shelter mags and websites, coming up with some ideas and inspiration for the place. Some stuff from the internet I’m loving right now:

That tile! The stone work! That pop of yellow! At the Hotel Tiki Tiki in Tulum


Below is from a restaurant in NYC  by Gundry Ducker, but COME ON NOW. The two tones of pink? The emerald green velvet seating? The marble table top with flecks of gold? The brass details? I'm in love:


This fun living room by Alison Damonte is everything. The mix of pastels and brights, the lucite coffee table, those oversized lamps, THAT PORTRAIT OF DOLLY: 


This simple and updated mid-century modern shower via Atomic Ranch has great tones and the different colors and shapes of the tile work well together:


Loving this kitchen by the Summerlin Home that mixes cool- and warm- toned neutrals (brown, black, navy, gray) with a PEW! PEW! PEW! of patterned tile. The tile is Kelly Wearstler for Ann Sacks.


Speaking of my girl Kelly, I love this bedroom with its gold patterned ceiling, those fun lamps, and details on the bed:


I'm sure I'll have more to add here as I continue to comb through the internet, but I'm excited to get the ball rolling. We've already started work on the family room and painted the foyer a bright, fresh white and I'll be sharing that progress soon!