One Room Challenge Week 5: Get ‘er Done!


So I’m a day late and a dollar short with this week’s post, but a lot has been happening behind the scenes! I’m literally typing this from my phone as we take some photos of the space, haha. I’ve spent the week taking inventory of my own art work and decorative pieces, and also bought a few small things to add color and depth to the room. 

Some highlights from our collection: an antique camera, our tiki mugs, and a framed letter from JFK to Frank’s grandfather from 1951. Its always tough to find that balance between keeping things pulled together with a consistent color palette and style while giving the space personality and not feel like an uptight furniture store display or something. 

We spent last Sunday hanging artwork, which turned out to be quite tricky with the angled walls! The house is shaped like a boomerang, and comes to a point where the living and dining areas meet with a 30-degree angle. Making things look symmetrical took a lot of MATH, which is not typically my forte but I did remember a few important points from high school gemometry and I think it came together nicely, tee hee.  

Next week is the Big Reveal and I’m excited to share all the work we’ve put into it! Check out my insta, where I’ll be sharing some sneak peeks this week. Have a great weekend!