One Room Challenge Week 3: Finalizing the Room Layout + Hanging in There

Living Room-Layout.png

So it’s Week 3 of the One Room Challenge, and I’m feeling a little stressed and hoping I can pull this all together by Week 6! The troops over here are suffering from decision fatigue and low morale due to a hectic couple of weeks at work and at home, many back-ordered items, and lack of sleep thanks to some dodgy off-brand sleep diapers. Intrigued, are you? I thought so!

Although I'm on the Freak Out Train currently, I HAVE made progress on the room lay out! See my quick Sketchup model above. My goal is to create two distinct seating areas that can be easily combined into one when the need arises. Seating Area 1 will have two arm chairs and a small table. There’s a clear line of sight straight from the front doors and the foyer into the living room here, and I want to create a nice vignette as you enter the house: two cozy and inviting chairs with a view out to the backyard beyond. Seating Area 2 is for the sectional and matching ottoman, and will have two smaller accent chairs that can be moved around the room, or moved out completely for dance parties, playing ice cream truck, playing taco truck, or playing hamburger truck (we’re heavy into food truck cosplay at the moment). It’s all about creating a couple of smaller, intimate seating areas within the larger space. I want to retain the open, expansive feel of the room while creating a couple of areas that feel more snug. A space within a space, if you will. 

So, back to my neurotic ramblings: we thought we were ahead of the game last week: we had scraped the wallpaper off, patched and painted the walls, and updated the electrical outlets and switches and installed new down lights. I went to order two chairs I had selected (for Seating Area 1), and saw that they were on back order. Grrrr. My second choices were also out of stock. Ugh emojis all around. So I was back to square one, and starting to panic. I was looking for two armchairs that would:

  1. Complement our new sectional in terms of style, color, and scale
  2. Not cost an arm and a leg

Apparently that's a tall order. After a solid week of scouring the interwebs, however, I did end up finding a couple of gems! 

My other big struggle, while we’re on the subject of First World Problems, has been finding a rug to fit nicely in this room. While the space is big (14’ wide by 24’ long), its proportions are a bit unusual. Most standard rugs are 9’ x 12’, 10’ x 14’ or 8’ x 10’--all sizes that would look downright puny in the room on their own. I’m starting to understand why the former owners covered the hardwood floors with wall-to-wall--they probably got tired of rug shopping!

After sketching out the room and trying all different shapes and sizes, I finally decided to go with two smaller 5’ x 8’ rugs and one large 10’ x 14’ rug of the same style. The patterns will be oriented in the same direction to give the sense, visually, that they are one element. I'm hoping this works. I never know how it will truly work out until it’s in the room, but since they have free shipping and returns, I’m giving it a go! Here there are:


I will probably need covers to keep the chairs from getting destroyed by cats and toddlers, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. Any tips would be appreciated in the meantime!

As for the diapers in question, when they were out of our regular brand at the store last week, we bought the generics, thinking, hey, what’s the worst that could happen?! The worst that could happen was four straight days of night-waking, a lot of Curious George at 3 a.m. and all of us feeling like zombies during the day. We finally put two and two together and realized it was the cheap diapers making us miserable. I love an easy fix--and that was probably the easiest fix I've encountered as a parent so far. Now we are sleeping through the night, thankfully.

I'm feeling better even as I write this--I'm ready for Week 4 and finishing up the room with artwork and styling! ONWARD!