One Room Challenge Week 2: Scraping Wallpaper + Prepping Walls + We've Got Paint!


Week 2 of the One Room Challenge! During Week 1, I shared some BEFORE photos as well as my plans for the space. This week we’ve been getting the room prepped and ready for its transformation. This involved removing the existing grasscloth wallpaper (which had been painted over), repairing some small holes and cracks in the walls and ceiling, and updating the electrical fixtures, outlets and switches. So, it doesn’t look super exciting yet, but believe me, it feels 1000x fresher up in here!


We pulled up the green carpet soon after moving in about six months ago. At the open house, the seller’s agent had mentioned there were hardwoods under the wall-to-wall and she wasn’t lying!


When I was trying to decide on a color for the living room, my mind initially went towards keeping it white. Even though the room was tired-looking, I felt the white walls and ceiling made it feel airy and expansive. However, the more I thought about it, I felt that it needed some color. I fell in love with this very pale blue-green, called Ice Rink, by Behr. The color plays well off the kitchen backsplash tile, as well as the house’s other aqua elements (the front doors, the sinks) but in a lighter, more muted way. It will provide the perfect backdrop for pops of coral, pink, royal blue, and yellow!

Oh, and we bought a sectional! Actually, we bought it a few months ago, in desperate need of something for guests to sit on during the holidays. It's wonderfully comfortable and looks great; I highly recommend Klaussner if you're looking for good quality furniture that's in the mid-range in terms of price. We got a great deal on it during a Black Friday sale. It also happens to be Josie's favorite chill spot. She clocks at least 4 hours per day on this sofa, so you know it's comfortable.


Sully prefers the ottoman:


We also removed the old 1967 dimmer switches and outlets and replaced them with safe, tamper-proof ones. Still cool to see the manufacture date and that it was made in the U.S.A.!


So here's a recap of what we've* completed so far:

  1. Removed 3 extra down lights, patched ceiling
  2. Replaced remaining down lights with LED fixtures (our electric bill went down $60 after replacing these, and a few others in the house!)
  3. Repaired and Painted Ceiling
  4. Removed existing wall-to-wall carpet
  5. Removed painted over wallpaper, patched walls
  6. Painted Walls
  7. Replaced existing light switches and outlets

* Frank

And here is a sneak peek of what the room is starting to look like! Don't mind the anti-scratch tape on the sofa, the cats decided, after never really scratching at furniture before, to really go for it in 2018. You have to respect them for sticking with their New Year's Resolution. 


That's all for week I'll be finalizing the furniture layout. I've got a few decisions still to make and I'll explain what makes selecting furniture for this room tricky!