Back To It


Whoa, what a whirlwind the last 9 months or so have been! You can probably tell that by the lack of posts, haha. Well, despite the crickets over here, non-internet life has been very busy with lots going on. I’m ready to dig in and start blogging again, but I thought a quick update and recap would be helpful to get started.

As  many of you already know, we bought a house! We moved in mid-October and we’re still getting settled, as this place is a fixer-upper for sure. I’ll be sharing a lot about the house hunt, as well as the buying and renovation process. My goal is to give people some useful information about the challenges and opportunities that come along with buying a home that needs work, everything from the cosmetic stuff like scraping old wallpaper and restoring light fixtures to more complex projects like keeping water out of the basement and replacing the electrical panel.

I also want to give an honest account of the true costs (in money, time, sanity) associated with purchasing a home that needs updates, as I’ve found our experience so far has been a lot different than what is portrayed on many home and DIY websites and TV shows. Spoiler alert: it’s been a much more positive experience so far!

We also sold our old house (which we loved), in our old neighborhood (which we also loved). How did that happen? Making the decision to sell, and getting the property ready to go on the market was another adventure that took up the better part of our spring, summer, and fall. It was a rollercoaster for sure, and there were many times we felt totally overwhelmed and wondering if we were in over our heads. I’m also a sentimental fool and saying goodbye to our first house was a lot harder than I thought it would be, as we had experienced so many major milestones and memories there. I’ll be sharing that process as well, in the hopes that it will be helpful to some of you out there considering the same.  

My posts here will be focused mostly on the remodeling process, restoring what we can, and the fun interior design and styling projects that this house has in store. For variety, I’ll probably also write about non-house stuff here and there. I'm still reworking my site, so bear with me as I update pages and links, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you'd like to hear about, or questions you have about the renovation process!  

When you stop blogging for awhile it’s easy to lose momentum and hitting that ‘publish’ button again after so long is a little intimidating, but here goes nothing! Onward!

David Sipress for the New Yorker. LOL for days.