The Downstairs Bath: To Do

Last November, I wrote a post about our plans for the downstairs bathroom. After the holidays and the loooonnng winter, we're getting back into the swing of it. As I said before, it's in dire need of some TLC, and by that I don't mean the time Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes burned Andre Rison's house down by throwing all his shoes in the bathtub and lighting a match (all-time favorite Behind the Music, btw). It was the second-most embarrassing thing to happen to the Atlanta Falcons (zing), but speaking of humiliation...

Josie always needs to be in the mix.

Josie always needs to be in the mix.

The story of this bathroom, we think, is that it was added fairly recently (in the last 15 or 20 years). It straddles the kitchen on one end, and the front hallway on the other, which leads us to believe that half of it was a pantry and the other half was a coat closet originally.  What I wouldn't give for a pantry! Or a coat closet! But seriously, I think the folks who lived here before us made the right choice. A 3/4 bath on the main level of our house has been clutch.

Here is the floor plan:


I don't see any problems with the layout, and there's no need to move any plumbing or electrical hook-ups (thankfully!), so this will be a simple "pull and replace" job and is mostly about upgraded finishes and a new vanity/sink combination. The toilet and shower enclosure/fixture are in good condition. 

I wanted to keep things light and neutral, so I could have some fun with the artwork and accessories in a small space. In the end I settled on creamy grays and whites with pink, green, and coral accents. Check it out: 

Serenity now....

Serenity now....

Here is the Plan:

  1. Replace linoleum with new tile flooring
  2. Install new base molding
  3. Install new exhaust fan/light combo
  4. Paint walls, trim, ceiling
  5. Install new off-the-shelf vanity/top/sink, upgraded with nicer hardware & plumbing fixture
  6. Add tile backsplash around vanity
  7. Paint Mirror
  8. Paint vanity light fixture, replace shades
  9. Replace toilet seat/cover 
  10. Scrub and repaint radiator

So that's where we're at. I really CANNOT WAIT to start demo! I love tearing things up and peeling back the layers of this little house.